The Bikini Body Guide Program

Do you have weight loss goals and aspirations? Are you hoping to fit into a dress or your bikini? Or are you a simple person who just wants to look better each day? The reasons for wanting to lose weight do not matter as much as your drive to make it happen. Some people have better and more pressing reasons than others, but all of our reasons are equally valid. It is up to us to find the inspiration that can help us achieve the difficult task of losing anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds.

You may think all of this is very simple, but we can assure you that it is not. As someone who has gone up and down on the scale, and most recently lost a ton of weight in three months, it is clear that you have options. There is always a choice. You can keep eating and working out like you are right now. You are probably not working out at all, which is why you gained so much weight. But there is no need for you to feel sorry for yourself. It is much better to take some proactive measures instead.

We think that it is much better if you sit down and learn about the BBG Program, as we think it can help you in such a major way. If anyone has ever read the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide Review, they will know this is one of the most respected workout apps on the market. The sheer number of features that you are getting for the money you pay, along with the reputation of the entire gym and workout staff, means that you will never be short of ideas. But, having good ideas in the background is not always the key to success.

Those great ideas may exist, but you would also be having doubts. Can I make this happen? Do I have the discipline? If someone before me could not manage it, why am I any different? You may think that you are somehow being weak with these thoughts, but we think it is the opposite. We think that you are being extremely brave, because you are taking a step that you know is terrifying. If you have self-doubt, it is normal. The key is for you to find a way to push through that doubt so you can put in the work.

BBG Program

The great news about this BBG Program is that when you are done with the introductory 20 weeks, there are 20 more weeks available to you. These are 20 weeks of brand new exercises and diet plans, which are geared to a more experienced audience. If you have worked out a lot in the past, or you are just so good at those exercises from the first 20 weeks of workouts, you can always join the advanced course too. It will help you push on and lose even more weight. And even if you are at your ideal weight, you can always push to gain more muscle.