Why is My Dog Licking Sores on Hands?

It was once said that the saliva from a dog’s mouth contained antibacterial ability that made it okay for him to lick wounds and sores on his hands. But, there is no truth to this statement, and it is a simple wife’s tale. Although some antibacterial properties exist in the saliva, it is not enough to help or to heal. The truth is that licking wounds may worsen the problem. What do you do if your dog licking sores on hands becomes a problem?

Why Do Dogs Lick Sores?

A dog licks his sore because it provides temporary blockage of pain receptors. It feels a little bit better to the pooch to lick his pains away. Little does he know that he might actually be causing himself a massive amount of damage in the process.

dog licking sores on hands

If you notice that your dog has sores on his hands, it is your job to stop him in his tracks. There are several ways this can be done, even thought you might feel that it is a lost cause. If you want to know how to stop this gesture, you’ve come to the right place to learn.

Stopping the Licking

When you notice that your dog is excessively licking his hands, it is time for you to put the gloves on and do a little peeking to find out why. If you notice there is a sore or sores on his hand, take action immediately. The longer that you wait, the worse things will become, and that is the last thing that you want to happen.

How to Stop Dogs from Licking Wounds

Paw protectors are beneficial when your pet will not stop licking his wounds. These protectors fit safely and snugly over the pet’s hands and are secure in place. Your pet cannot lick his wounds with these on and you have much less to worry about. The protectors are affordably priced with options for all dog breeds and sizes.

But this is just one of the many ways that you can stop your pet from licking his wounds.

The Elizabethan Collar is also useful when you need your pet to stop licking. This collar goes around the pet’s neck and prevents him from licking wounds and other tasks. The collars are easy on and off, affordable, and available from the vet and many pet markets.

Your vet can help you stop your pet from licking by finding out what has caused the sore to develop in the first place. If it is a problem that can be corrected the vet will give medications and other remedies for curing the ailment quickly.

Your pet doesn’t realize what kind of trouble he is getting himself into when he licks his hands so it is up to you to ensure that trouble does not bark up his alley. Use the information here to stop your pet in his tracks and prevent this hand licking.